Sotheby’s Brand Licensed by New Print Management Firm

BOSTON—April 3, 2012—The words “luxury” and “printing” have rarely been considered synonymous…until now. Sotheby’s Imprint (SI) announced its official launch into the print management category, prompting a new era of global print and distribution solutions. Rather than the traditional model of service brokerage, Sotheby’s Imprint utilizes a “premier platform” to produce unparalleled, cost-effective results for an international clientele.

The company is the brainchild of brothers Rick and Skip Dyer, who have created a proprietary solution that challenges the norms of international print management.

“We’ve revolutionized print and distribution management with a proprietary process that maintains brand uniformity on a global scale,” explains SI President Rick Dyer. “We’re challenging conventional thinking in this arena.”

Its “premier platform” is a global network of print and distribution suppliers, equipment manufacturers and consumable suppliers. Affiliates are determined by a rigorous selection process and must meet specific criteria in order to qualify.

“Our dedication to client service and process management coupled with best-in-class technologies have built the foundation for platform affiliates,” Dyer noted.

“The launch of Sotheby’s Imprint is one of the rare times when we have licensed our brand in Sotheby’s 268-year history,” said Bill Sheridan, executive vice president of the global company that engages in art auction, private sale and art-related financing activities. “Sotheby’s Imprint creates a significant opportunity within the global marketplace for a truly global solution.”

Referring to SI’s methodology and platform affiliates, Sheridan explained that “there are substantial financial and operational benefits to this model, which will dramatically enhance the quality of global delivery of international print management.”

About Sotheby’s Imprint
Sotheby’s Imprint is an emerging leader in global print management solutions. The Boston-based company utilizes a “premier platform” of affiliates in 90 countries, ensuring brand uniformity regardless of location. At its core, Sotheby’s Imprint is transforming global print management while delivering unparalleled results.

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