Someone’s Looking Out For Fakes — Cagle

One Iraqi printer said that the number of printing shops has billowed from 350 to 800 in Baghdad alone. But the paper cited numerous challenges for these fledgling shops, from power outages and gas shortages to the need for increased security. Perhaps the most overwhelming problem is the lack of qualified technicians to make repairs. Any volunteers?

IT GATHERS LENTICULAR: Not moss, apparently. Rolling Stone magazine’s 1,000th issue hit the newsstands May 5 with two 3-D lenticulars applied to the covers. The complex production procedures for the milestone issue took 11 months to hash out, with a combined effort from Inserts USA, Quebecor World and National Graphics, as well as the magazine itself. Two 9×11˝ lenticulars were applied to more than two million 10×12˝ covers.

The covers, which were as costly as they were difficult to produce and adhere, toasted the mag’s anniversary with a 3-D collage of 100 musicians, politicians and pop icons who have made their mark on American culture since its November 1967 launch.

According to Inserts USA, all parties involved had to deal with a number of questions, such as the lenticulars’ ability to adhere to the cover, whether the hot adhesives would burn the lenticulars, and would the magazine’s stock support the weight of the lenticulars? As Bob Dylan once wrote (sort of): “The covers they are a-changing.”

BURGER BONANZA: PR guru Mark Bonacorso threw an On Demand show dinner bash for some printing industry scribes, analysts and other interested parties at Fork, near Penn’s Landing in the City of Brotherly Love. Bonacorso recently acquired Hayzlett and Associates from founder Jeff Hayzlett, who is now heading up the marketing efforts for Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group.

Can you believe that, amid the posh spread that included dishes like pan seared duck breast with hazelnut rhubarb sauce (correctly recommended by Bonacorso, a former chef) and halibut en papillote with lemon caper butter, the conversation turned to the allure of White Castle burgers and Skyline Chili?

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