Smith Litho–Exceeding Expectations

Such capabilities are important since, contrary to conventional wisdom, the goal at Smith Litho is not to specialize in one area of printing but to provide a broad range of capabilities for its customers. “Flexibility is what makes us unique,” Smith says. “For many customers, we’re the only supplier that fits every category they buy. We can produce a job from short trial runs clear through the full roll-out.”

The third business principle Smith Litho adheres to is an unwavering commitment to customer service. “When I started this company, I wanted Smith Litho to be known not only for quality work and consistent pricing, but also for being as customer-friendly as possible,” Smith says.

Smith Litho’s partnership with Fuji is one example of how the company works with vendors to assure quality of product. “Before we began using Fuji plates, we had three different suppliers and too many problems with chemistry balance,” reveals Prepress Manager Mike McKenzie.

Rick Bowie well remembers the switch to Fuji plates three years ago. “I didn’t tell anybody,” he explains, “but everyone knew because the problems were gone. We made Fuji our sole provider.”

The company’s willingness to work with Smith Litho to improve efficiencies is another reason the company selected and remains with Fuji. McKenzie says that Smith Litho’s Dolev 800s are set up for 33˝ film and eight-up impositions, but that standard plates are 30×40˝.

“That’s a waste of three inches per unit of film,” McKenzie points out. “Fuji retooled its assembly line to wind the best size films with the emulsion we needed.”

Employment Histories
Vice President of Production Mike Mason, a 21-year employee, says this commitment to improve continually is why he remains with Smith Litho: “We’re all proud of what we do and ready to give 100 percent. I’ll be here until I’m 65 or 70 and retire.”

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