FL Printer Sees Building Hit Twice by Autos

MIAMI—The name says Slashers Printing Center, but a more apropos moniker would be Crashers. That became apparent earlier this week when, for the second time in two weeks, a car plowed into the retail printing establishment.

According to WSVN-TV, an elderly man in his 70s suffered an unknown medical trauma while driving through an intersection and crashed into the wall of Slashers. No one inside the building was hurt, but the driver was taken to a local hospital. The car reportedly struck a wall of the building where supplies are kept.

Slashers Printing Center owner Ainsworth Smith told the station that he was already dealing with his insurance company after another motorist plowed into the rear of his building roughly two weeks earlier. Aside from having been shot at the store during a robbery in the 1980s, Smith said he had conducted business there for 36 years without incident.