Justice Moves Slowly as Embezzlement Sinks Printer

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY—With his once-thriving business and home both gone, casualties of a $750,000 embezzlement perpetrated by a former employee, Jamie Wollens won’t be seeing retribution any time soon. Most galling for the founder of now-defunct Digital Ink, the person who allegedly committed the crimes is back on the streets.

Jamie Wollens reported to police that one of his employees in the finance department, Leah Etheridge, had stolen the money via phony payroll checks made out to former employees and phantom workers, according to the New York Daily News. Six months after Wollens filed the police report, Etheridge was finally arrested and charged with 99 felony counts of falsifying business records. In the interim, Wollens’ business went under and he lost his home.

Etheridge was released without bail and a hearing is set for Nov. 9.

  • http://StevenAmiel Steven Amiel

    Jamie- if you see this, I am so sorry to hear about your current situation. You are a good hard working guy. A good book is,
    “Bad things that happen to good People”