Signage and Graphics Shop Aggressively Grows with Inca Onset S40 Printer

Andrew Bishop, Jarob director of sales and marketing (left, in blue shirt,) and Doug VanPortfleet, Jarob CEO, are pictured with the Inca Onset S40 from Fujifilm, recently installed in the company’s Grand Rapids, MI production facility.

Jarob’s plan also included bringing outsourced work back in house. It realized an immediate benefit and a boost to its ROI when it began to reclaim jobs that had been outsourced.

“From a sales perspective, we were outsourcing a lot of work to screen printers. The S40 allowed us to go after more of that business and bring it back in-house. We’ve brought about 80% of the outsourced work back already,” Bishop said.

The Inca Onset S40 has given Jarob a four-fold increase in capacity, faster turnaround, and more competitive pricing, and they plan to take full advantage of their new capabilities. “We plan to offer more services to our existing customers, and to gain market share,” Bishop said. “My goal is to fill the S40 up as fast as possible.”

Shortly after the Inca Onset S40 was up and running, Jarob held an open house to introduce the new machine and its capabilities to customers and employees.

“It was a chance for everyone to see the samples and see the print quality,” VanPortfleet said. “Seeing it live gave it a real ‘wow’ factor.”

Customers were very impressed with the speed of the machine as the automation system stacked up sample after sample.

“We ran the S40 side by side with the Turbo, and it was eye opening to see how much faster the Onset prints. We explained to everyone that jobs that took a week to run on the Columbia Turbo were produced in a day on the Onset. Everyone could immediately see the impact it would have on our business.”

VanPortfleet continued, “Once we started to send out samples to prospective customers, things really picked up. There was much more interest coming in, more quotes going out, and we received many more sample requests. We are changing conventional thinking about both quality and price with the S40. The Inca Onset S40 definitely opened a door to increased business for us,” VanPortfleet said.

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