Sigler Printing Achieves Faster Set-ups, Builds Profit Potential With Muller Martini Presto Stitcher

Jill Whitaker, Vice President of Operations for Sigler.

AMES, IA—2/19/07—As every printing operation recognizes, an important component in business strategy is cost-effectiveness, particularly when considering today’s trend toward shorter run lengths. Ames-based Sigler Printing is increasing its cost-effectiveness in the short- to mid-range market with a Muller Martini Presto saddle stitcher.

“We installed the Presto as an add-on piece of equipment,” said Jill Whitaker, Vice President of Operations for Sigler, “and we have been impressed with its quick set-up for smaller runs.” The Presto saddle stitcher features automated menu-guided PLC controls and easy touchscreen operation. “With Presto, make-readies and changeovers can be completed quickly,” continued Whitaker. As a result, Whitaker said, Sigler has seen faster turnarounds on each project, plus the ability to schedule projects in tighter timeframes.

Besides the rapid set-up capabilities of the Presto stitcher, Sigler Printing chose Muller Martini because Muller shares Sigler’s commitment to meeting its customers’ needs. “We like to partner with companies who share our ‘customer-first’ philosophy,” said Whitaker. “We selected Muller Martini for their reputation, support and training, and we have had nothing but good experiences so far,” continued Jill Whitaker.

The 9,000 cycle per hour Presto saddle stitcher is a sturdy and dependable investment for small to medium size run lengths. The versatile Presto stitcher handles an extensive assortment of different size books encompassing standard products ranging in size from 12” x 14 3/8” to 4 1/8” x 4/18” (3 1/8” x 3 1/8” with accessories). Furthermore, Presto operates in 1:1 or 1:2 modes, providing the capability to run difficult signatures or to maintain high speed productivity when loading bulky projects.

To meet the requirements of growing operations, Presto offers expansion up to a maximum of 6 twin feeders. Other benefits of the Presto saddle stitcher include Muller Martini flying stitching heads to assure precise stitching and to reduce wear, as well as a Semko side caliper and missing stitch detector technology to further ensure optimum quality. The Presto saddle stitcher also features an in-line three-knife trimmer along with an efficient Apollo compensating stacker…and it offers the advantages of a high/low folio, gripper and suction opening, and flat loading feeders.

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