Show Review–Delivering On-demand

Digital printing is finally well beyond concept acceptance, as On Demand proved last month. New moves in on-press imaging and color server technologies—and the Internet—are delivering on the promise of digital printing.


Given the impossible-to-ignore high velocity of the Internet as it targets multiple areas of the print production process lately, it is no surprise that the Internet is also targeting the time-sensitive profit center that is on-demand digital printing.

True to current form, the dotcom emphasis at On Demand in New York was staggering, but not surprising—new online solutions for on-demand document fulfillment, new Internet tools for the on-demand supply chain and new activities from the likes of Kinko’s that position the Internet firmly in demand of on-demand printing.

Still, although pivotal at On Demand, the Internet was not the only talk at the Big Apple show. The show also marked the first public demonstrations of a new, elite generation of digital color sheet- and web-fed presses, with new devices on display from Heidelberg, Indigo, Xeikon and Xerox, as well as new innovations in on-demand color servers, notably an intriguing new launch by Scitex, and variable data software solutions, plus an array of front end technologies for streamlined workflows leading to on-demand finishing devices.

But first, the Internet . . .

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