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Hip, New ColorMunki —Sherburne

May 2008

The designer can easily determine whether a color choice will conform with a color standard, such as SNAP or SWOP. Secondly, color palettes, which are easy to prepare, can automatically be loaded into design tools such as Quark, InDesign or PhotoShop, without the need to repeat the process several times across applications.

Perhaps coolest of all, if a designer selects a color that will not print with process color, the color will show up greyed-out in the palette, leaving no question about the suitability of the color for the project. The program will make suggestions about alternative colors, or easily allow the designer to call up a range of alternative colors that fit into the palette.

So to summarize, ColorMunki lets your client easily:

• Automatically create color palettes from photographs; manage, store, tag and search color palettes; gamut check in one click; and quickly verify spot colors for process-safe reproduction.

• Capture color from any surface, automatically import colors to design applications, and incorporate spectral color data into design files.

• Quickly accomplish printer-to-monitor calibration, as well as calibrate projectors.

• Easily set profiles in design applications, automatically synchronize color palettes, and connect with the Web for individual or collaborative work.

The price for all of this is $499—significantly less than the $1,000 or more a collection of tools would require. And Pantone is preparing to launch a simpler version called ColorMunki Create that will sell for $149, with a logical upgrade path as requirements change.

This product is worth a look, whether you want to make it available for in-house designers, purchase it for key freelance or other external designers, or simply educate your customer base about its availability.

It is new, hip and very functional. It is a way for you to set yourself apart as a color expert and a supplier that is always looking for creative and innovative ways to make your customer relationships more efficient and effective. And, to the extent your customers use this or similar tools, your life will be easier in the long-term.

I’d be very interested in your feedback, once you explore this fun and functional new product. Let me hear from you—what did you think? What did your customers think? And did it make a difference in the way you were perceived by them?

Marketing your company has a wide range of implications and aspects. I hope this review of Color- Munki has proved helpful, as you think about new ways to position your company and your color expertise, and to set yourself apart from competitors. PI

Cary Sherburne

About the Author
Cary Sherburne is a well-known journalist, author and strategic marketing consultant working primarily with the printing and publishing industry. She is a frequent speaker at industry events, a regular contributor to printing industry publications and has written three books, which are available for purchase through the Bookstore section on Printing Impressions’ Website ( Sherburne can be contacted at

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