Event Walks the Talk —Sherburne

A cornerstone of the PrintFest conference is Thursday’s session, an in-depth case study built around the design, development, execution and results of this multi-channel campaign. “We are using ourselves as the guinea pig,” explains Jacobson. “And we are going to provide all of the details, warts and all, about how this campaign was orchestrated. It will include what we did right, what we did wrong, the results we achieved and our conclusions. It will be very educational.” The case study will begin with a joint overview session and break out into marketing and print tracks for detailed discussion.

Learn the Hot Topics

This is a great opportunity for print service providers to learn firsthand how to implement these types of programs—and what the pitfalls are, based on real-world experience. In looking at the conference agenda, which is broken out into tracks for marketers and for printers, it looks like all of the hot topics are being addressed, from search engine optimization and pay-per-click e-mail to how to implement personalized Web URLs. Even if you are not in Southern California, it may be worth the trip to take advantage of this learning opportunity.

When I spoke with Jacobson, he pointed out one other interesting fact: At PrintFest, 10 percent of attendees, mostly printers, typically come for the conference and expo, and 90 percent attend the expo only.

The history for the Direct Marketing Expo is very different. The majority of its attendees come primarily for the conference. That sends an interesting message about the differences between printers and their marketing customers. You can draw your own conclusions on that one.

It is refreshing to see this combined event, bringing printers, creatives, designers and marketers together under one roof for a common educational experience. Although we may come at it from different directions, the issues and challenges facing these constituencies are two sides of the same coin. We need more events like this in our industry.

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