SGP Launches ‘Take Action’ Campaign to Raise Awareness of Sustainability in Print

BOHEMIA, NY—Oct. 3, 2012—Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry, announces the launch of its new outreach campaign, “Take Action.” The campaign will encourage members of the graphic communications industry—printers, print buyers, suppliers and others—to take action by getting involved with SGP and reaping the benefits of certification and sustainability.

The “Take Action” campaign is represented by a graphic element designed by Refractor Group, a division of SGP-certified printer Image Options. Thomas Mattingly, creative director for Refractor Group comments, “I was very interested and excited to provide our creative team’s efforts in the development of branding design for the ‘Take Action’ campaign. Sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing is the future of our planet, and we are passionate about design and sustainability. We are very excited that our design was selected by SGP for this campaign.”

The “Take Action” campaign has several goals to achieve by early Q1 2013. These include:

  1. raising the number of SGP Certified applicants;
  2. increasing the number of print buyers that preference SGP Certified printers;
  3. increasing the number of suppliers that sponsor SGP; and
  4. significantly raising the number of organizations and individuals on SGP’s mailing list.

Toward these ends, the “Take Action” campaign will involve outreach via email, social networking, print and traditional one-to-one phone calls with its target audience.

“SGP Certification does more than just help companies become good stewards for the environment, it significantly improves a business’s value and its bottom line,” asserts Heidi Thompson, SGP’s “Take Action” campaign leader. “Our goal is to put SGP in the forefront of everyday business, making it easy for everyone to benefit from all that it has to offer.”

How to Take Action

Print facilities can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by becoming SGP Certified. SGP’s publicly vetted set of criteria and third-party certification process provides a strong return on investment by identifying operational improvements and waste reductions. Certification also helps print facilities to meet the ever-growing supply chain requirements.

Suppliers can show their support for environmental responsibility by becoming a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Patron of SGP. By becoming a SGP Patron, suppliers support the organization’s mission of encouraging and promoting participation in the movement to increase the social responsibility of the graphic communications supply network through sustainable green practices.

Print buyers can recommend and develop a formal procurement policy that gives preference to SGP-Certified print facilities. Such facilities make sustainability claims for printed products credible and transparent. Giving preference to SGP-Certified facilities publicly demonstrates a company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, which will resonate with customers, clients, employees and stakeholders.

For more information about the “Take Action” campaign or how to take action, contact Heidi Thompson at or 732.892.5445.

About SGP
SGP is a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry. The organization promotes reducing the environmental impact and increasing the social responsibility through sustainable green printing practices. To receive SGP Certification, print facilities go well beyond compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws. They establish sustainability management systems, implement best practices, and commit to continuous improvements in sustainability. Certified facilities are also required to report on progress annually.

Source: SGP.

  • Tired

    I read this article and come away with the same thoughts about being certified…it’s about the money. The goals for SGP are about numbers of certifications which translates into more dollars for your so-called non-profit. Why don’t you certify for free? It’s about the environment isn’t it? What are the Q1 2013 goals for environmental impact?…you don’t know! How do small businesses, which is the vast majority of printers, afford the 3-5,000 dollar price tag, limited resources to watch over the process and the the cost of recertification? In addition, it’s mighty nice of you to encourage print buyers who don’t want to pay extra for the program…thanks for decreasing the margins. You are also misleading people about the value…we have local, state and federal guidlines already in place for waste, utilities etc. Do you know we are monitored for our waste stream and it’s to our benefit to reduce it…without certification from you? Lastly, you certifiers certify all the upstream manufactures i.e International Papers, Sappi, Komori, Heidelberg, Agfa etc and then somehow think we can buy products that aren’t certified! Our country had a revolt…something about double taxation and taxation without representation…hmmm…me thinks the british are coming the british are coming!