SGK, formerly Schawk Inc., Completes Definitive Merger Agreement to be Acquired by Matthews Int’l

DES PLAINES, IL—July 30, 2014—SGK, formerly marketed as Schawk Inc., a leading global brand development, activation and deployment company that drives brand performance, announced today that the completion of the definitive merger agreement to be acquired by Matthews International positions it to expand its brand performance offering to include ‘brand delivery’ services, enhance its brand development services and deepen its brand deployment services.

Currently, SGK provides brand development and brand deployment services to marketers worldwide. Brand development services are offered under the Brandimage and Anthem nameplates. Both brands create brand desirability. Brandimage does this by creating meaningful brands, and Anthem does this by amplifying and selling brands. Brand deployment services, which help create brand profitability, are offered under the Schawk nameplate. Schawk does this by producing brand assets and protecting brand equities.

The brand delivery offering is expected to include services required to deliver printing plates and cylinders and may be expanded in the future. Matthews Brand Solutions has been engraving cylinders and processing plates for several decades and has a significant presence and trusted reputation in Europe. Additionally, the Merchandising Services Division of Matthews Brand Solutions will enhance SGK’s brand development offering.

“While the capabilities of SGK and Matthews Brand Solutions are exceptionally complementary with very little overlap, a rigorous plan for the successful integration of both operations is already being designed by a team of internal leaders and external advisors,” said David A. Schawk, CEO of SGK. “We are committed to identifying, adopting and supporting the very best products, services and practices—those that provide the greatest value to our clients—regardless of which business originated them.”

Eric Ashworth, president of SGK, also noted: “In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be looking at how to create a richer, more integrated set of brand development services; one that gives control of the brand from the moment of its creation to its activation across channels through the in-store experience, in the hands of marketers. Coupled with an enhanced brand deployment offering and a new brand delivery offering, SGK is in a fantastic position to empower our brand performance offering.”

About SGK
SGK is a leading global brand development, activation and deployment company that drives brand performance. By creating brands, helping sell brands, producing brand assets and protecting brand equities, it helps its clients achieve higher brand performance. SGK’s global footprint spans more than 20 countries. SGK is a division of Matthews International.

Source: SGK.

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