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Seybold San Francisco--Internet Solutions Dominate

October 2000

Seybold San Francisco 1999 was the Internet's coming out party. Seybold San Francisco 2000 saw the Internet firmly ensconced as the belle of the ball. The dotcom companies such as Printable, and Noosh proved their staying power with announcements of new releases, partnerships and upgrades. The Moscone Center was also the staging area for the debut of new dotcoms such as, an Internet-based ICC profiling service.

It is obvious that the World Wide Web is here to stay as Seybold saw a multitude of other companies leveraging the power of the Internet to provide solutions such as remote proofing, collaboration and digital asset management solutions. Printing Impressions takes a look at some of the new technologies making headlines at Seybold.

Remote Proofing
RealTimeImage's new remote proofing suite,, generated a great amount of interest at Seybold this year. RealTimeProof is a complete online proofing system with full remote soft and hard proofing capabilities that are combined with an interactive communications tool. RealTimeImage's pixels-on-demand technology, which is the platform for the RealTimeProof suite, facilitates progressive on-demand image streaming that quickly transmits images as users zoom in, pan or scroll—enabling 1:1 zoom ratio and higher. RealTimeProof enables users to view large production files in real time. RealTimeImage's pixels-on-demand technology file types remain native and the data is not re-interpreted, altered or changed.

Color Management
One of the more unique dotcom solutions unveiled at Seybold was ProfileCity's system offers two approaches to color output. The first method involves users printing two color targets on their own equipment in their actual working environment. The first color target helps the customer and ProfileCity to analyze the printing system and optimize its setup. Each target is then sent to the ProfileCity color lab for measurement. The linearized custom profiles, built for the user's specific media, printer, printer settings and other adjustments, is returned to the customer via e-mail.

A second method allows professional users with their own measurement devices to print and measure a pair of ProfileCity targets, and uploads the data directly to the ProfileCity Website, using ProfileCity's ChromaCatcher self-measurement utility. ProfileCity will then utilize the measurement data for custom linearization and to prepare the finished profile. The linearized, custom profile is returned to the customer via e-mail.

ProfileCity's basic service relies on X-Rite's Spectrofiler color measurement technology to generate ICC profiles, which are then e-mailed to clients. ProfileCity's ChromaCatcher allows X-Rite color measurement instruments to send colorimetric data uploads directly to ProfileCity's ICC color proofing engine on the Internet. " goes far beyond earlier color management systems by allowing users to obtain the highest quality ICC profiles at the lowest cost and with the least amount of hassle," contends Spokesman John Fitzpatrick.


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