Several Printing Companies Choose QuadTech to Enhance Production

SUSSEX, WI—February 24, 2009—QuadTech, Inc., the world’s preeminent designer and manufacturer of automated print controls, today announced four new customer projects to start off 2009. After successful showings at drupa and All-in-Print China, QuadTech returned to home to complete product orders with Mid-Atlantic Graphics, Graphic Packaging, Progress Printing and Omnova.

Mid-Atlantic Graphics, located in Shirley, NY, is a recognized leader in the printing industry. With over 30 years of printing service, Mid-Atlantic has been a long-time QuadTech customer. Graphic Packaging, a Kalamazoo, MI-based company, has been called an innovator and a pioneer in the packaging solutions business. Both companies have found great success with the QuadTech products, such as the RGS IV; however, with the introduction of QuadTech’s Register Guidance System with MultiCam®, both saw an opportunity to increase their production and better their businesses.

“A key to working with our customers is making sure we’re offering the best products and services possible,” said Karl Fritchen, President of QuadTech. “Our goal is to not only develop best-in-class products for our customers, but to also understand how those products are going to help their businesses.”

Mid-Atlantic Graphics added a new MultiCam® system to two new towers, and replaced their RGS IV on an existing tower. Graphic Packaging replaced its existing RGS IVs with two new systems including MultiCams. In both cases it was the performance-proven history of QuadTech products and support that helped each to feel comfortable upgrading their existing systems.

Accuracy will become routine as the Register Guidance System with MultiCam® automatically and simultaneously detects and corrects both circumferential and lateral register errors as small as 0,0254 mm (0.001 in). And with an array of features designed primarily to improve productivity, high efficiency will become routine as well. QuadTech’s MultiCam® has quickly become the industry’s most popular register control system, with 7,525 cameras installed worldwide since its introduction in 2004.

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