With the Surge of Android Tablets, Are Printed Restaurant Menus a Thing of the Past?

June 11, 2014—Android tablets are making their way toward some of the chain restaurants in the United States, such as Applebee’s, Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. The tablets are actually mounted on stands that are made by Ziosk. Using the tablet that is mounted to the table, customers can place their order, ask for a refill and even pay their bills.

According to Phandroid, a leading source for Android news, the tablets have already been installed at 823 Chili’s locations in the United States.

The Android tablets run custom software and are made to also withstand any “accidents” that can occur in a restaurant, Phandroid reported.

While restaurants are using the menus as another option in addition to the printed menu, it begs the question, can they eventually replace the printed menu and potentially eliminate jobs?

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