Service Point to Automate Its Business Process by Deploying EFI Pace, Digital StoreFront

BIRMINGHAM, UK—May 21, 2010—EFI announced today that Service Point, one of the world’s largest digital print providers, has signed an agreement for the implementation of EFI Pace print management system and EFI Digital StoreFront (DSF) Web-to-print solution. These products will be installed in all Service Point locations and integrated with Fiery-driven digital print devices throughout the enterprise.

Service Point, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain has 120 plants located in eight countries across Europe and the United States. The award-winning company offers document, print and information management services. According to Jorge Jimenez, Service Point director of E-Commerce & IT, implementing Pace and Digital StoreFront supports the company’s strategic IT pillars, which include lean process improvement, innovation as well as simplifying and rationalizing IT infrastructures.

Under the agreement, EFI will implement Pace, including PrintFlow Dynamic Scheduling and Digital StoreFront, at Service Point’s locations worldwide, providing training, ongoing support and best practices.

The EFI solution will enable Service Point to receive orders electronically and have them routed to the correct production facility. Once at the production facility, PrintFlow will optimize the scheduling of the jobs. EFI Pace will, then, collect data from the Fiery-driven printers at the remote location and consolidate the information in the central MIS repository. The EFI software suite will give Service Point enterprise-wide visibility to job costing, estimating, invoicing and job management.

“We believe that EFI solutions will place us well for the future in our market”, said Jimenez. “After careful consideration and researching alternatives, I decided that this is the way forward for us. EFI is committed to making Service Point a success and the new agreement is the foundation of a greatly enhanced partnership between our two organizations. Service Point has not only just bought a new tool or set of tools, but also a partnership, sharing best practices, training and support.”

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