Semper Finds Pessimism Regarding Third-Quarter Sales in Latest ‘Industry Insight’ Survey

• Print buyers place the greatest pricing pressure on ink to substrate printing (57 percent) than other graphic service.

• 79 percent say digital print has increased significantly or increased somewhat as a segment of their business over the last five years; 12 percent do not offer digital print services, at all.

• Referrals (38 percent) and online searches (36 percent) continue to be the most popular ways to find employees. These methods put pressure on traditional help wanted advertising, which continued its downward trend for the third quarter.

Since February 2003, Semper International has provided a quarterly survey offering estimates of trends in the printing and graphics industries. To prevent bias, survey questions—both qualitative and quantitative—are designed by Semper corporate partner Cvent.

Survey participants include more than 300 small, medium and large printing companies; both clients and prospects of Semper International. Participants provide data on revenue and hiring as well as estimated outlooks on future trends. Data is requested from a random sample and are not screened. To preserve confidentiality, individual company information is not part of the tabulation.

To participate in future surveys, please email More information is available at the Semper International website.

About Semper
Semper International is a temporary help placement firm founded and staffed by professionals who were raised and trained in the printing and graphic arts industry, and who understand the innate needs and demands of the profession. Semper has a thorough understanding of all the positions, equipment, and software essential to the business, which assures a perfect employee – employer match.

Source: Semper.

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    The biggest competitive threat is the industry itself and its lack of strategic thinking. Continued failure to innovate along with mediocre sales talent has shaped our industry into what it is today. Companies that continue to blame pricing pressures from print buyers need to revise their business model to eliminate commissioned sales reps and move to an inside sales person/CSR driven sales organization. Anyone can get specs and send them to an estimator.

    The opportunity is ripe for companies and leaders that realize the lack of good market competition all doing the same things and start focusing on what their customers really need help with. Here’s a hint…it surely isn’t putting ink on paper!