Selling Digital Printing — Pointing in a Digital Direction

The team analyzes a printer’s business and reviews with its executives the habits of highly profitable digital print providers, formulates a strategy of how to implement a solution that’s right for a given business, as well as provides sales coaching so that the sales team of a newly digitized printing operation knows how to sell individualized communications.

Xerox also understands the needs of today’s digitally minded commercial printers, according to Regina Testa, Production Systems Group vice president of business development.

“Being an integral part of a commercial printing operation before, during and long after the sale of any variable data digital press is simply the right thing to do,” Testa states. “If a printing business utilizes a digital press and fails, the technology takes the blame, when really it is an issue of business development, marketing and sales understanding, strategizing and formulating business plans that transition commercial printing businesses into a true digital business.”

In its efforts to better empower digital customers, notably of late the Xerox iGen3, Xerox makes itself assessable ongoing to provide education, seminar programs, developing sales and marketing programs and support services, as well as overall business development consulting to its commercial printing customers. Xerox deploys analysts, which are digital printing workflow specialists, post-sale to monitor and evaluate a company’s progress.

Testa emphasizes that it’s critical for commercial printers moving into the variable data digital printing market to understand they are entering a new revenue opportunity that requires tools, support and advisement to be successful.

Do commercial printers welcome efforts like those of Heidelberg, Xerox and other vendors? Perhaps the smart ones are most receptive to opening their doors to consultation and advisement—to encourage their company, as a whole, to think differently, change sales strategies, and become more education-centric with their own sales personnel, as well as their customers.

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