Seidl’s Bindery Adds Tag Stringing Capabilities

HOUSTON—Sept. 26, 2011—Seidl’s Bindery, a full-service binding and finishing solutions provider serving printers across America, has added tag stringing to its host of finishing solutions. With a new tag-stringing machine recently installed, Seidl’s can now create a variety of value-added applications for stitched, glued, folded and other printed pieces.

The new machine, which features production speeds of up to 8,000 cycle/hour on select applications, allows for the efficient creation of tag-stringed pieces. The new tag stringing solution can be applied to products ranging in size from 1.5×2.5″ to 8.5×14″. Loop length options run the gamut from 1″ all the way up to 6″, and string material options include both yarn and elastic.

Seidl’s Bindery’s tag stringing applications can enhance a variety of different pieces, including folded, single sheet, pasted booklets, and other formats. Common tag stringing applications include hangers or tags for bottlenecks, clothing and point-of-purchase packaging items.

“Tag stringing is a welcome addition to our ever-growing family of finishing capabilities,” said Bill Seidl, president of Seidl’s Bindery. “We look forward to the opportunity to offer high-quality, efficient tag stringing solutions to printers everywhere.”

About Seidl’s Bindery

Located in Houston, Seidl’s Bindery is a leading provider of a complete range of postpress services, including tag stringing, die cutting, PUR adhesive binding, mechanical binding (including Wire-O and plastic spiral), foil stamping, embossing, saddle stitching, fugitive and remoistenable gluing, index tabbing and more.

Source: Seidl’s.