Second Screen Truepress Provides Disaster Insurance for Sebis Direct

With Hurricane Sandy shutting down large parts of New York and New Jersey, 2012 was a year to make anyone believe in disaster recovery. Sanders was ahead of the curve. Launched in 2010, the 65,000-square-foot Ohio site sits a safe distance 350 miles from the Illinois headquarters. Like the main plant, document production takes place in a highly secure environment, with access controls, camera systems and emergency power generation.

With the addition of the new Truepress Jet520, the Ohio facility can print static content, variable data and full-color graphics in one pass directly onto blank paper rolls instead of onto preprinted shells. The press instantly accommodates document revisions. Color elements can change completely from page to page.

“We can bring the same security and accuracy to dynamic content and have total control of all colors on the document without maintaining a warehouse loaded with forms,” Sanders said.

As with Sebis’ first Truepress Jet520, the dual-engine duplex model prints both sides of the web roll at once, delivering excellent registration. It features a roll-to-sheet arrangement with dynamic perforation. Sebis combined the press with a paper handling line from Lasermax Roll Systems. The Truepress/Lasermax combination produces simple and complex perforations inline. Perfectly stacked bills, documents, forms and payment stubs with edge-to-edge color exit the system ready for assembly.

The Truepress Jet520 comes standard with the SV-110 high-speed parallel processing controller, incorporating the latest Adobe RIP. To derive the most benefit from the Truepress Jet520’s color capabilities and printing speed of 420 feet-per-minute, Sebis outfitted the new press with the innovative EQUIOS workflow. The company will integrate EQUIOS into its Chicago-area Truepress Jet520 this year.

EQUIOS, Screen’s Adobe PDF Print Engine 2-based digital front end, automatically extracts and caches shared reusable elements included in PDF and PDF/VT variable data. It quickly RIPs the data and outputs it to the printing device. Combining this processing with load balancing achieves an optimal printing environment. A built-in imposition function for variable data expands the application range available for the Truepress Jet520. In addition, EQUIOS’ unique inspection system provides a high level of accuracy for variable data-rich pages.

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