Sebis Direct Goes Continuous Screen Truepress Jet520 Inkjet Web Press

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL—March 20, 2012—After a lengthy analysis of existing technology, Sebis Direct has selected the Screen Truepress Jet520 inkjet web press in a dual-engine duplex, roll-to-sheet configuration with dynamic perforation.

“High-speed continuous inkjet presses have long looked like the best solution for adding color to transactional documents,” explained Wes Sanders, president. “Some early models performed great at trade shows but did not work very well in practice. We waited for the best combination of technology and total costs of printing and operation.”

Sebis, a $7-million firm founded in 1989 and based in Bedford Park, IL, prints, finishes, assembles and delivers compliant and transactional documents. It caters to the health care, insurance, government and utility sectors in 37 states and Canada.

Between its main facility and a satellite plant in Brooklyn Heights, OH, Sebis boasts more than 120,000 square feet of production space. The Bedford Park location operates around the clock, seven days a week.

Before installing the Truepress Jet520, color images, callouts and logos appearing on documents that Sebis produces had to be static and part of preprinted forms. The Truepress Jet520 prints variable data and graphics along with static document content in one pass directly onto blank paper rolls instead of onto preprinted shells.

“The Truepress offers higher volumes at full color and expands our capabilities in the transactional and print-on-demand segments,” Sanders noted. “Color elements can be entirely dynamic. They can change from document to document and page to page.”

In the past, changes to policy terms, customer service phone number or hours of operation have resulted in the replacement of forms and waste of inventory. There are no forms to run out of or become obsolete with the Truepress Jet520.

“Document revisions now can be made instantly with no waste whatsoever,” Sanders said. “Eliminating preprinted forms also prevents the inclusion of the wrong form in a document production run.”

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