Search Launched for North America’s Greenest Printers

TORONTO—July 31, 2012—Canopy announces the release of the first comprehensive effort to identify North America’s greenest printers. The “Green Print Leadership Survey” will be circulated to the top 50 printers in North America to identify those demonstrating the highest green standards and engagement on forest conservation.

“Customers with sustainability goals, paper procurement policies and environmental programs are asking for our help to identify printers who embrace their green goals,” said Neva Murtha, Canopy Print Campaigner. “Our new survey is responding to the needs of a growing green marketplace by distinguishing printers moving forward on issues of sustainable paper purchasing and forest protection.”

The “Green Print Leadership Survey” is quick, convenient, strictly confidential, and no failing grades will be assigned as a result of participation. It will simply provide the raw data to identify and recognize North America’s greenest printers.

This effort to identify Green Print Leadership is of interest to many large-scale consumers of paper and print services. Sprint, which last month updated its “Paper and Print Procurement Policy,” looks forward to the results.

“As a major print customer with a robust paper purchasing policy, Sprint is committed to working with printers that meet our goals. The forest conservation work Canopy advocates for is well aligned with our vision,” says Darren Beck, corporate responsibility manager and Paper Leadership Council Advisor for Sprint.

This survey will mark the most comprehensive, independent effort to identify, assess and celebrate North American printers for their green achievements.

“As more printers develop policies with support from Canopy, the Green Print Leadership Survey will help refine and distinguish the leaders from the pack,” added Marcus Ginder, Canopy Print Campaigner.

Canopy will begin promoting the Green Print Leaders in the fall of 2012, through trade outlets, conventional news outlets, Canopy’s web site and social media, and our more than 700 corporate partners.

All printers are invited to complete the voluntary, no-fee online survey to gain third party recognition of their sustainability efforts. The survey can be found at

About Canopy
Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, species and climate. We believe collaboration is the key, so we work with more than 700 book, magazine, and newspaper publishers and their printers to help ensure their supply chains are sustainable. Our partners include some of the world’s largest paper consumers, such as The New York Times, Random House, Hearst, Scholastic, and Lonely Planet.

Source: Canopy.