Printer, Pitney Bowes Clash Over Postage

BYRON, MN—A dispute over an alleged unpaid postage bill is finding its way into the court system. Schmidt Printing claims it does not owe more than $2.1 million in postage to Pitney Bowes. The printer filed its complaint after receiving a letter from Pitney Bowes President Robert DeVincenzo requesting payment, according to the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

The letter, dated Feb. 5, says that Pitney Bowes International Services, which collects postage on behalf of Royal Mail—Great Britain’s postal service—is owed $2,118,909. Attorneys for Schmidt Printing acknowledged marketing materials were printed by Schmidt for Response Direct Publishing (RDP) and then mailed to residents of the U.K., but contend RDP paid the Royal Mail postage for the mailing, the newspaper reported.

The matter was complicated by RDP filing for bankruptcy in the U.K.

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