Scavenger Hunt for New Biz –DeWese

This column will provide you and your company with an opportunity to participate in a first-ever National Scavenger Hunt for Graphic Arts Company Growth. That’s an easy acronym: NSHGACG.

This column will serve as the starting line and Dec. 31, 2011, will be the finish line for NSHGACG.

I’m numbering the annual hunts with Roman Numerals like they use for the Super Bowl, so we start with the number one equaling I. I have found that the use of Roman Numerals helps to teach our society the Roman Numerals that we failed to learn in the fourth grade.

The object of the Scavenger Hunt is to develop new accounts for your company. The companies and salespeople who develop the most new accounts will not only get national recognition within the pages of Printing Impressions and any other publications we can cajole into giving us some ink, but will also win some fabulous prizes.

Everyone—companies and salespeople—who participates will be a winner, though, because your search efforts will develop new accounts that would otherwise have gone to your lame competitors.

Here is how the contest works:

Salespeople obtain a list of prospective print buyers. The list has to fit your company and its capabilities. Print buyers that primarily purchase long-run web work with in-line finishing do not fit your company if your largest press is a four-color sheetfed model.

You now have until Dec. 31, 2011, to get as many new accounts as possible from your Scavenger Hunt efforts. Or, some of you may get lucky and get some new accounts that just came in over the transom.

Right Place, Right Time

Believe it or not, some people decide, “I need some printin’.” They look in the phone book or Google the word “printing,” and somehow get your phone number. You go out to meet them. Quote the work and actually get the job. It works well and they give you 20 more jobs over the next few months.

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