Sappi to Permanently Close Mill in Muskegon, MI

BOSTON/JOHANNESBURG—Aug. 26, 2009—Sappi Fine Paper North America (NYSE: SPP) today announced that it will permanently cease operations at its coated fine paper mill in Muskegon, MI. The closing will affect approximately 190 salaried and hourly Muskegon employees, who have been on furlough since the suspension of operations at the mill, which was announced in March 2009. Prior to that suspension, Sappi Fine Paper North America operated a single paper machine at the site with an annual production capacity of 170,000 metric tons.

Sappi will record a charge of approximately $30 million in the fourth financial quarter in respect of separation and other closure costs. Of this amount, an estimated US$10 million relates to non-cash charges. The fixed assets are fully impaired.

“The global economic downturn has resulted in very weak demand for coated fine paper worldwide. In North America, industry conditions remain very challenging, with current year to date shipments of coated wood free paper down 32 percent from 2007 levels and only modest recovery forecast for 2010,” said Ralph Boettger, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited, the parent of Sappi Fine Paper North America. “The permanent closure of the Muskegon Mill, while an extremely difficult decision to make, is necessary to ensure that we remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. This decision is in line with our commitment to substantially improve Sappi’s profitability and returns in all our businesses.”

“We understand the hardship this decision creates for our employees at the Muskegon Mill. We will be providing separation benefits and job placement services for our salaried employees and will be commencing discussions with union representatives regarding the terms of hourly employees’ separation benefits,” said Mark Gardner, President and CEO of Sappi Fine Paper North America. “Our workforce at Muskegon was very dedicated, achieving record productivity and safety performance in the last year of operation. Unfortunately, the scale of the site made it difficult to successfully compete against larger paper mills throughout the world. We will be retaining an adviser to seek purchasers for the mill not engaged in the manufacture of coated printing and writing paper.”

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  • izzi

    Sappi ran this mill into the ground since the day they purchased it.. i was a contractor there for over 40 yrs and never seen such bad relationships with employees and contractors.