Healthcare Provider Sanofi Forms Global Marketing Partnership with InnerWorkings

CHICAGO—July 28, 2014—InnerWorkings Inc., a leading global marketing supply chain company, has been selected as a global marketing partner of Sanofi, one of the world’s most well-known healthcare companies.

Under this agreement, InnerWorkings will oversee the creation, production, and management of Sanofi’s worldwide promotional items (targeted campaigns, educational tools and aids for the patients), with a special focus on implementing high standards for corporate and social responsibility (CSR) across global operations. Additionally, InnerWorkings will drive enhanced innovation, stewardship, and consistency across Sanofi’s global efforts.

InnerWorkings and Sanofi began its partnership in 2013 with a pilot program to support Sanofi’s work in 15 countries across the Americas, Europe and Africa. Throughout the rest of 2014, InnerWorkings will expand this solution to dozens more countries and regions.

“After working closely with Sanofi during the past year, we’ve gained unique insight into its operations and goals for sustainability when it comes to the marketing supply chain,” said Gerald Olivier, global account director, InnerWorkings. “We look forward to delivering a consistent, unified brand experience that brings innovation, value and results, while ensuring compliance from a CSR perspective.”

About InnerWorkings Inc.
InnerWorkings Inc. (NASDAQ: INWK) is a leading global marketing supply chain company servicing corporate clients across a wide range of industries. With proprietary technology, an extensive supplier network and deep domain expertise, the company procures, manages and delivers printed materials and promotional products as part of a comprehensive outsourced enterprise solution. InnerWorkings is based in Chicago, employs approximately 1,500 individuals, and maintains 71 global offices in 38 countries. Among the many industries InnerWorkings services are: retail, financial services, hospitality, nonprofits, healthcare, food and beverage, broadcasting and cable, education, transportation and utilities.

Source: InnerWorkings.

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