Sandy Alexander Creates ‘Best Game Ad Ever’

Sandy Alexander King ad for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II video game.

CLIFTON, NJ—November 20, 2009—Sandy Alexander recently printed an advertising insert for the introduction of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II video game. The gamer blogs are abuzz about the introductory print advertising campaign. In fact Jake Gaskill of said, “… this is the single greatest piece of video game print advertising I have ever seen…”

As you open the four page spread, you tear off the “King’s head,” one of the characters in the game. You can literally hear and feel the tearing. Sandy Alexander’s Hugh Haas and Jeff Michael collaborated with Cutwater (the agency for Ubisoft) to create the groundbreaking insert.

“This insert was a lot of fun to work on. It was a real collaborative effort with Devon Gillespie (Art Director) and Miriam Lee (Production Director) from Cutwater. Jeff and I went back and forth with different concepts on how to behead a king in a pre-printed insert and eventually came up with the final product. In one meeting, we were literally cutting up napkins in a diner while discussing ideas” quotes Hugh.

This type of creativity is not new to Sandy Alexander. Earlier in the year, Sandy Alexander printed the first ever Mix and Match cover for Esquire Magazine which featured the faces of George Clooney, President Obama, and Justin Timberlake, among others. Sandy also printed a Gap piece that achieved one of the highest levels of recall ever achieved in a print advertising campaign.

The ad is appearing in the November issue of GamePro and the December issues of Official XBOX Magazine and Playstation: The Official Magazine….

About Sandy Alexander:
Sandy Alexander Inc. is the country’s largest, independently owned, high-end commercial graphics communications company, serving the needs of Fortune 500 clients. Headquartered at its facility in Clifton, New Jersey, Sandy Alexander also operates facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Staten Island, New York. A Partner of the EPA’s Climate Leaders program, the EPA’s Green Power Partnership and the EPA’s Green Power Leadership Club, Sandy Alexander relies on certified, clean, wind-generated electricity to meet 100% of the electrical needs. For more information, please visit or call Doug Hazlett at 973-470-8100.

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