Sakata INX Group to Raise the bar with New Color Management Tool

“This makes it an ideal light source for color-critical applications which printers and global marketers deal with daily,” Horimoto remarked. “Natural Light LED closely emulates sunshine in both the breadth and depth of its spectral distribution. In contrast, fluorescent light sources have a much lower CRI and, more importantly, they exaggerate some colors while downplaying others. This significantly impacts what the viewer sees, which makes this viewing box a natural for conventional or digital print operations.”

ColorBrain Score: ultra-accurate color measurement without a color control strip

When it comes to achieving job-to-job color consistency, drupa visitors will find a “world’s first” one-of-a-kind tool at Stand 3A50: the all-new ColorBrain Score. Get your hands on this device and you’ll never settle for traditional color-strip image verification again. Sakata INX Group’s new ColorBrain Score eliminates variations in positioning the device from one measurement to the next and ensures color accuracy.

An attached digital camera stores position data from the first measurement. Much like a GPS device, it directs you to the exact same place on the sheet the next time. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Measure a point on the image of the approved proof. The attached camera stores the data concurrently with its image mapping.

2) On the printed sample, place the device near the first measurement area. ColorBrain Score checks this with its stored image mapping data, and digitally directs you to position the device in the exact same point on the sheet as the first measurement.

3) Measurement data from the proof and the print are compared in L*a*b* and color difference delta E is displayed.

In short, you know you’re getting an “apples versus apples” comparison between proof and print and that it’s highly precise. ColorBrain Score measures to Japan Color or ISO 12647 Color Standards, and all measurement data is stored with the position image. Besides having the ability to easily check for any change in the specific image during color printing, users can also:
• Make color certification PDFs for each measurement
• Supply Color Certifications for each print sample
• Accurately proof from remote locations
• Guarantee color quality via the number with ColorBrain

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