Ryobi and Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Developing 29″ Liquid-Toner Digital Press

TOKYO—April 2, 2012—Miyakoshi Printing Machinery and Ryobi Ltd. have jointly developed a six-up (29″), liquid-toner-based digital press capable of B2-size printing at up to 8,000 sheets per hour. The new press will be exhibited as a pre-market model by Miyakoshi (Hall 9, Stand A04) at drupa 2012. Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions North America markets and sells Ryobi printing equipment in the United States and Canada.


“This ‘next generation’ printing press is a significant milestone in Ryobi’s 68-year commitment to innovation and the success of printers worldwide,” said John Torrey, president of Ferrostaal’s U.S. and Canada operations. “Today’s news is also a signal that the days of artificially dividing up printing into digital and offset are over. This is a new type of press—a brand new category—that combines the best of offset and digital.

“Printers can have access to the quality and high throughput of an offset press that previous-generation digital presses have not been able to achieve. This new generation of printing press answers an important need between a 40˝ offset and smaller electrophotographic and inkjet presses,” Torrey added.

Digital printing technology has been attracting wide interest for its ability to handle short-run variable data printing with short lead times, and a variety of digital presses are already on the market. But traditional offset printing technology still offers many advantages over digital printing, including higher printing quality, lower running costs, faster printing speeds and the ability to handle long-run jobs.

This has led to strong demand for a new type of press that combines the strengths of both technologies. Responding to that need, Miyakoshi and Ryobi jointly developed a new type of digital press that enables high-speed printing on media as large as B2 size with quality comparable to that of an offset press.

The new press combines the 1,200-dpi resolution and ultrafine-particle liquid-toner electrophotographic technology that Miyakoshi demonstrated on a web press at drupa 2008 with the high-speed sheet feed printing technology Ryobi has perfected for its offset presses.

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