Hannaford & Dumas Installs Biggest Ryobi in U.S.

WOBURN, MA—Four tractor trailers loaded with components, six full-time specialized technicians and eight weeks of hard labor all contributed to the installation of a 10-color Ryobi 750 UV printing press at Hannaford & Dumas Commercial Printers. It is reportedly the biggest of its kind installed in the United States.

Hannaford & Dumas is one of the largest privately-owned commercial printing companies in New England. Since 2009, it has nearly doubled its workforce, revenue, space and capabilities to combat the economic trends in the printing industry. This press is the latest of many large-scale enhancements the company has made in recent years.

“Staying current with the latest technology and equipment is the only way we can compete effectively against printers with a fleet of larger presses,” remarked Steve Bryer, president of Hannaford & Dumas. “We’re well known for quality offset sheetfed printing. And this new 10-color allows us to do the same work we’re known for—but faster and more economically.”

The Ryobi 750 press has UV and perfecting capabilities that virtually cut printing and drying times in half for most projects. The 750 also has the ability to print on almost any substrate, including plastic, which has enabled Hannaford & Dumas to venture into package printing, something the company has not done much of in-house until now.

“It’s been a tough eight weeks to get this press up and running,” Bryer said. “The shop was turned upside down to fit it in, and the calibration and install has been a slow and tedious process. But, now that it’s running, it’s running like a top. We expected nothing less from it and knew it would be worth the wait.”

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    Nice article….be nice to know what sheet size it is.