RSVP Publications Clicks with QR Code Technology in Direct Mail Packs

TAMPA, FL—March 07, 2011—RSVP Publications, a direct marketing and direct mail company specializing in reaching affluent homeowners, has breathed new life into direct mail by adding quick response (QR) codes to its direct mail card packs for use with smart phones.

“Who says direct mail is dead? We’ve changed all the rules with our ‘Talking Postcards,’” said Larry Golden, CEO of RSVP Publications. “Although we expected a great response, the speed of consumer adoption has been very surprising. In less than three weeks, our cards have generated more than 11,000 page visits. These numbers are increasing at an amazing rate.”

Using QR codes, RSVP direct marketing advertisers can guide consumers to mobile sites to view special promotions, deals and discounts. They are then directed to a next step— whether it’s click to call, get directions or make a reservation.

“Consumer response is entirely different when the advertiser uses a Talking Postcard,” explained Golden. “When consumers go beyond looking at the card to scan the QR code, they are at a deeper level of engagement. They can then watch a video, see the special offer and take immediate action.”

Two advertisers receiving this response include a Seattle-based landscape architect who received 106 QR code scans plus 105 video views during the first two weeks. The second, the San Diego RSVP franchise, reported 402 scans with 175 email opt-ins in four days, an opt-in rate of 44 percent.

“This may be the future, but it’s also here today—and with an affluent audience,” Golden added. “Nielsen Research indicates that 44 percent of people scanning have income levels of at least $100,000 and 57 percent are 35 years and older. These are prime targets for direct marketing campaigns and we’ve learned how to engage them with immediacy and ease of use.”

About RSVP Publications
Based in Tampa, FL, RSVP Publications ( is a franchise management company that presents preferred vendors to the nation’s most affluent owner-occupied homes, using decks of high quality four-color postcards and now offering its unique Talking Postcards with QR codes. RSVP has 86 franchise outlets in 100 U.S. and Canadian markets, mailing to more than 9 million unique households.

Source: Company press release.

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