RR Donnelley Targets Four Sectors with ProteusJet

CHICAGO—RR Donnelley & Sons has introduced a series of applications for its new ProteusJet multiweb inkjet printing platform. The four-color piezoelectric inkjet technology and fully automated mail assembly lines are capable of creating mailings targeted to the individual needs and interests of millions.

“Our clients succeed when content connects to deliver the right message precisely and in an impactful way,” said Mary Lee Schneider, RR Donnelley’s chief technology officer. “The ProteusJet platform harnesses complex business rules developed by our clients to dictate text and color graphics instantaneously.

“The production lines allow direct marketers to mount campaigns with versatility and with production efficiencies unattainable in traditional direct mail manufacturing. The downstream dividend of enhanced postal savings is a further testament to the cost efficiencies that are vital to direct marketers,” added Schneider.

The production line that houses ProteusJet’s piezoelectric imaging units assembles feature-rich mailing pieces in volume, allowing shorter cycle times than traditionally experienced by marketers, making the system ideal for:

• Credit marketers — testing new offers, creative designs and copy platforms, meeting legal requirements that vary from state to state and incorporating affinity elements such as the color logos of familiar names that endorse the card;

• Telecom and cable marketers — quickly responding to regional competition by presenting consumer offers that match community tastes and languages;

• Retailers — improving upon the one-size-fits-all coupon campaign to selectively target discounting to manage costs and incentives more accurately; and

• Insurance companies — insert a color portrait of the appropriate agent, depict a landscape in synch with the reader’s geography and even incorporate color logos of regional business partners.

“Consumers are continuously presented with mass advertising, but our ProteusJet Multiweb lines enable marketers to tailor and present messages precisely to the individual reader in ways that television, radio and even social media cannot,” stated Daniel Thornton, president of RR Donnelley’s Response Marketing Services offering.

“Using the demography attached to each mailing address, our clients can present variable graphics and visuals that individual readers understand and relate to,” continued Thornton. “Likewise, they can write to the individual in terms that are familiar. That’s the power of ProteusJet.

“Marketers can improve speed to market, deliver more timely offers and condense countless individual campaigns into one continual run that delivers more efficient postal-ready mail that earns important postage discounts. This is a huge win for direct marketers,” he concluded.

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