Royal Adhesives & Sealants Acquires Craig Adhesives & Coatings from Vertis

The transaction includes a long-term supply agreement between Royal and Vertis, which allows Vertis continued access to Craig’s specialized products. Vertis will continue to deliver the innovative solutions and high-quality services its clients expect without disruption.

About Craig Adhesives & Coatings
Craig Adhesives & Coatings is a premier supplier of adhesives and coatings to the printing and graphic arts industries. For more than 30 years, the company has continued to innovate its products to solve clients’ most pressing challenges, including topical clarity and no-edge curling for a no-label look, extreme resistance to abrasive wear, very high slip without contamination of adhesives, heat and water-vapor resistance, high-impact labels, and selective adhesive deadening. The company also has a full-line of off-the-shelf products, includes many products that are based on exclusive, best-of-class solutions it developed in-house.

About Royal Adhesives & Sealants
Royal Adhesives & Sealants is a leading producer of proprietary, high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and polymers. Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, Royal offers a broad range of specialty formulated products designed to solve complex bonding, laminating and sealing supplications across a diverse range of markets, including aerospace and defense, construction, specialty packaging, automotive and industrial. The company offers a broad spectrum of customized thermosetting epoxy and urethane, solvent-based and water-based technologies to meet the most demanding adhesive and sealant applications.

About Vertis
Vertis Communications is a results-driven marketing communications company that delivers inventive advertising, direct marketing and interactive solutions to prominent brands across North America. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive range of offerings—including integrated data solutions, digital program management systems, creative services, world-class print and mail production, logistics, out-of-home and business process outsourcing—are used to deliver superior program performance that drives bottom line results for our clients. With 100 strategically positioned locations and more than 5,000 dedicated professionals, we deliver impeccable quality and fast turn-around to any market.

Source: Royal.

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