Printing Employee Gets Taste of Powerball

JANESVILLE, WI—Close, as the adage follows, only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. The lottery can certainly be added to that list of meaningful misses.

Roger Cobb, 48, a resident of Darien, WI, who drives a truck route for The Gazette, didn’t walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars from last weekend’s Powerball drawing. But he managed to match five numbers, and that was good enough for a crisp $1 million windfall, according to the newspaper that he works, or at least once worked for…no word on whether Cobb will retire. Though after taxes, he would probably live much more comfortably by remaining employed.

Karen Detra, mailroom supervisor, said that Cobb delivers one of The Gazette‘s commercial products to the Rockford, IL, area. Cobb took the good fortune in stride, according to Detra, and posed for pictures with the iconic oversized check.

“We were more excited than he was, I think,” she told The Gazette.