Vertis Integration Sees Quad Shuttering Two Plants

SUSSEX, WI—Quad/Graphics is in the process of integrating the property and personnel obtained in the Vertis Holdings acquisition, and is closing at least two of its facilities, the Associated Press reported.

Plants in Marengo, IA, and Pomona, CA, are due to close by mid-year. The Marengo facility will be shuttered by March, with Pomona slated to be taken out of service by June. In all, about 200 employees will be let go.

Quad/Graphics spokesperson Claire Ho told the AP that further workforce adjustments will be made elsewhere in the organization, but did not provide details. Quad has facilities in 28 states.

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  • Louis Continelli

    Too bad for the good folks at the Marengo, IA plant. When it was owned and operated by Greater Buffalo Press (GBP) – that facility was a premier plant with outstanding management and tremendous production personnel. The product quality was always superb. I developed many good friendships during my numerous visits to that location with and without customers. I have many fond memories that have remained with me – including deer and pheasant hunting and winning the one and only ‘gord bird’ trophy!

    Lou Continelli – Former GBP sales (1982 – 1991)

  • Old Printer

    It’s a shame for anyone to lose their jobs. This has been going on for over 20 years. Mergers or buyouts lead to consolidation which usually means the oldest plant or the one with the highest paid and most benefits get cut. I saw this with my days at World Color Press too. Many good people left out in the cold. It’s a shame that printing is becoming a dying art. I could go on but you all know how this ends. Good luck to all the talented people that are losing their jobs. My recommendation is to find work other than printing.

    Pressman, Pre-Press, Customer Service, Print Sales, Print Shop Owner ….. Printing from 1969 – Present