ROSS BINDERY–Cutting in California

Ross Bindery has had a variety of different cutters through the years, so it knew exactly what it was looking for. The decision was made by Doerzapf to go and talk to LDR, and he struck a deal to first put one cutter on the shop floor for a month-long trial. Operators got to work with the equipment and if the company was satisfied, more units were to come.

“It was a pretty cut-and-dry deal,” recalls Jackson. “If we liked it, there were three to follow.” Their main considerations were to ensure that the operators were happy with the cutters and that the equipment was reliable. The Itoh cutters came through with flying colors.

Ross Bindery does trade work for commercial printers—a lot of perfect binding, saddle stitching, folding and, obviously, cutting services. Average runs number into the millions, with some jobs requiring dedicated cutting for a few days or up to a week. The faster the equipment, the better it is for the company’s bottom line.

“Now, there is less time spent in the cutting department than there was before,” says Jackson of the time since the Itoh cutters were installed. “We are able to cut down on overtime, and stay ahead of the cutting work before moving to the folders.”

And it would seem to be good timing that the company would choose now to make this kind of installation. “We have two really big seasons here,” Jackson explains, “and one of them is coming up now, so we wanted to get the new equipment up and running. We get really busy with annual reports for the next two months.” Towards the end of the year, Ross Bindery is busy with considerable work from the automobile industry.

“They are our two biggest times of the year,” he continues. “But then we are continually doing a lot of manuals and any other commercial work.”

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