Rollem International Introduces Mini-Mailstream


ANAHEIM, CA—July 15, 2011—Rollem’s Mini-Mailstream converts printed sheets into mail-ready products in one process! And it’s offered at a surprisingly affordable price. This customizable system performs up to nine finishing and mail preparation processes:

  • Converts multiple-up mailing pieces from press sheets to finished mailers
  • All processes are completed in-line
  • Hot, cold and fugitive glue is applied
  • Apply multi-perforated tear-off coupons and tip-on cards
  • Use edge glue for closures, eliminating the need for tabbing
  • Maintain zip code order for mail integrity, from feeding to finishing to mail trays
  • Run in-line with ink-jet heads for addressing
  • Accept output directly from digital press or coating machine
  • Ideal for creating return-remittance forms

Perform high-quality, mid-high-volume finishing while eliminating additional labor and product movement with the Mini-Mailstream. Create self-mailers from one sheet of paper, offer discount card or credit card tip-on, and the ability to close mailers with glue, eliminating the need for tabbing.

Source: Rollem

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