Roland Brand Hits the Century Mark

Today, the romantic names of the Roland’s predecessor models Albatros, Faust, Gretel, Odin or Delfin are reserved for specialist literature. Those models were still lithographic presses and still quite similar to the technology developed by the inventor Alois Senefelder at the turn of the 19th century in Offenbach for the André music publishing company.

Faber and Schleicher were not alone in their constant expansion and advancement of this area with new technologies and designs; they and their successors were, however, always at the cutting edge of development. Their presses ultimately conquered the world market. The names of many successful new products that were developed along the way still pay tribute to the Roland model.

A homage: the Senefelder Foundation
On its hundredth birthday in 1971, the company’s celebrations focused less on itself and more on its origins with a tribute to the 200th birthday of lithography inventor Alois Senefelder. manroland marked the occasion by founding the International Senefelder Foundation. The foundation regularly presents the International Senefelder Award in order to honor extraordinary achievements in the field of artistic lithography and its further development in flatbed printing.

Source: manroland.

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