Et Tu, RIT? School Drops ‘Print’ from Program’s Name

ROCHESTER, NY—Wanting a name that reflects the changing media landscape, the School of Print Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) will now be called the School of Media Sciences.

“This new, strategic shift will leverage our respected and historic foundation in print media to incorporate a ‘print-plus’ approach, that includes insights and understanding in the areas of the Web, mobile and social media, complementing the precision and technical understanding of the printing industry,” says Chris Bondy, administrative chair of RIT’s School of Media Sciences. “Students will emerge from the School of Media Sciences as media architects acquiring skills to lead cross-media communications environments, both from a technical and operational perspective.”

Along with the name change, RIT says it is adapting and refining programs to provide emerging professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful leaders. RIT also believes the new name more accurately reflects the integration of arts and sciences as they relate to the use of integrated cross-media communications.

“Communication is now multi-media. Marketing is now multi-channel. RIT has re-invented itself to provide the skills needed for a new generation of publishing and promotion professionals,” notes Frank Romano, RIT professor emeritus.