RIT Developing an Audit and Certification Program for Color Printing

Elie Khoury, president of Alwan Color Expertise and chair of KEE Consultants, is an advocate of international printing standards and quality management systems and praises RIT for taking on this role. “RIT’s leadership in process standardization in the North American graphic industry is noble, necessary and realistic. RIT is, in our opinion, the only U.S. organization that can succeed at this ambitious project.”

In the second phase, RIT will consult with auditing bodies in Europe and work with printing experts in the ISO/TC130 committee to develop process audit and certification services protocols that reflect the best practice for all. RIT will also offer public seminars to train companies about the importance of printing standards, methods and tools that are needed to achieve conformance.

RIT has been in discussions with IDEAlliance about how RIT’s role as an auditing body will complement IDEAlliance’s consulting efforts.

“IDEAlliance prides itself on being an industry organization that is active in promoting and developing printing standards,” says Joe Fazzi, IDEAlliance vice president of print media. “As a steward of standards, we believe this system-level printing standards audit established by RIT is of tremendous value for our members.”

For more information about the printing standards audit and survey initiatives, visit www.printlab.rit.edu.

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