Rochester Businesses Work with World War II Veterans to Preserve Their Stories

ROCHESTER, NY—Nov. 12—Kodak, Monroe Litho, Book1One, and International Paper have teamed up with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to help veterans from New York’s Genesee Valley Chapter of Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge compile their personal accounts into a new limited-edition book, titled “The Battle in Common.” Each company jumped at the chance to pay tribute to these local veterans by bringing their stories to life in print.

“The sacrifices made by these brave men and women are humbling,” said Michael Riordan of the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at RIT. Riordan and several RIT students began with a three-ring binder full of personal stories and vintage photos provided by the veterans, and spent months digitizing the materials and designing the book to prepare for production.

“The battle was a key turning point in the war, and getting these first-hand accounts in print helps us all better understand the historical significance of the battle. We’re fortunate to be able to play a role in the preservation of these stories,” Riordan added

The Battle of the Bulge was the largest battle fought in World War II, with more than 80,000 casualties among the 600,000 American troops participating in the brutal winter conflict. In addition, more than 100,000 German troops were killed in the month-long battle that ended in January 1945.

When looking for support to get the book printed, Riordan turned to Rochester-based Kodak. Kodak and Monroe Litho worked together to provide the printing and services needed to complete the project. The book and covers were printed on the Kodak Nexpress digital production color press, and the covers feature the new Gold Ink enabled by the Kodak Nexpress Fifth Imaging Unit solutions. Finishing was provided by Book1One, and paper was provided by International Paper.

“It’s a privilege to help with this project—and a testament to the role that print plays in preserving important events in our national history,” noted Kodak’s Chris Lyons, director of Worldwide Outbound Communications and Strategy. “Many of the veterans went on to have careers right here at Kodak and have contributed greatly to the greater Rochester area. We are grateful for their service as well as for the men and women who are serving in the military today.”

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