Tapecon Consolidates Business, Donates Building

ROCHESTER, NY—Tapecon Inc. is consolidating its operations and ending a 50-year run here, but is leaving a “thank you” gift to the city in the process. In leaving town, Tapecon is giving its facility to the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Tapecon has owned the 3,600-square-foot building since 1970. The structure, which was built around 1840, was once the U.S. custom house for the Port of Rochester. It’s the biggest donation ever made to the Historical Society.

The printer’s Buffalo headquarters is being expanded and upgraded to accommodate the consolidation. All 25 employees were offered jobs in Buffalo.

“We’ve been friends with them for a while and we just thought it was the right thing to do,” Tapecon Vice President Steve Davis told the newspaper.

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