Rickard Bindery Adds Its Third String-Tying Machine

CHICAGO—Jan. 16, 2012—Rickard Bindery, an industry-leading binding and finishing company with more than a century of experience, proudly announces that it has recently expanded its string-tying capabilities. With three automated string tying machines now on its production floor, Rickard can more efficiently produce string-tied work for its customers.

“Increased customer demand for a quick-turnaround string-tying solution made it necessary to upgrade our capabilities appropriately,” explained Kevin Rickard, vice president. “The third machine will substantially increase the production capacity of our string tying department to help us better meet our customer’s needs in this area.”

Rickard’s string tying solution can be applied to products ranging in size from 1.5×1.5″ to 5.75″x8″. Regular string is available in a rainbow of colors, in loop sizes from 1.25″ to 8″, while elastic string is available in white, black, and metallic (gold, silver) colors, in loop sizes from 1.25-3.25″. Rickard can also custom-match regular string to a logo’s exact PMS color to strengthen the product’s brand identity.

Common applications for string tying include stitched, glued and folded piggyback advertising pieces that hang from products with a neck, such as salad dressings, olive oil and beverages. Rickard can also combine string tying with small-format gatefolding and stitching to create unique products.

About Rickard Bindery
Rickard Bindery has provided post press solutions to print markets across the USA for 112 years. Rickard Bindery’s services include string tying; miniature, oversized, map, gate and specialty folding; saddle stitching up to 12-pockets; loop stitching; seam, fugitive and remoistenable gluing; string tying and affixing; rotary scoring; personalized product handling; fulfillment; wafer sealing; padding and automatic shrink wrapping.

Source: Rickard.