RI Studying ‘Do Not Mail’ Bill

PROVIDENCE, RI—Add Rhode Island to the list of states that are pondering “Do Not Mail” lists for residents to opt out of receiving advertisement-based mail.

The bill, introduced by Representative David Segal, would reportedly allow for anyone who receives such mail to collect a $500 penalty. The bill would force companies that send promotional mail to check the list for opt-outs.

Segal feels a lot of people don’t want to spend time sifting through “junk” to get to the mail they really want, the Associated Press reported. He also believes junk mail creates “lots” of waste when discarded. (Turn to page 58 in this issue for a more in-depth article about the current status of “Do Not Mail” legislation.)

Fourteen states have introduced similar legislation to crack down on so-called “junk mail,” though a number of bills have been withdrawn or tabled after the merits of legislation are explored.

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