Revisiting the Content Manager

Two years ago, Printing Impressions explored the digital asset management and repurposing services of Color Associates. At that time, its top management reported that selling data services and exploring new ways of distributing client information was the future for prepress providers. Were they right? You bet your assets!


The year is 1997. At Color Associates—a St. Louis-based digital prepress, creative imaging services and display graphics provider—the focus is clear: The time has come to sell, market and fully exploit digital content management and the expanding role of digital communications.

The Internet, they reasoned, would play a major role in Color Associates’ maturation from digital prepress provider to true digital content manager. Offerings would branch out into Internet-related services, electronic publishing, CD-ROM and other multimedia repurposing and related avenues for growth.

“We’re selling data services; we’re distributing information for our customers,” stated Chairman and CEO Bill Lamberg, circa 1997. “Our strategy is to sell complete data management and offer a wide array of communications, graphics and digital solutions to our clients.”

Fast forward to April 1999. The same man, with the same corporate mission, has teamed with a group of top management professionals, including his Color Associates partner, Gary Stephens, president and COO. And, that same man is still convinced his firm is on the right course.

Color Associates now has two solid years of experience providing Internet-related services, as well as success with its digital asset management, digital repurposing and digital imaging services.

Maximizing the Internet
“We’ve really evolved over the past two years from a prepress house—a place that produces litho film—to repositioning ourselves, thankfully successfully, as a true digital imaging and digital services company,” reports Lamberg, circa 1999. “Color Associates, in addition to its digital prepress services, is also providing Website services, design 2-D and 3-D art, display graphics and stock photography.”

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