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Reports to Bank On --Dickeson

December 2004
Since offering my book, Monday Morning Manager, free to anyone requesting it by dropping me an e-mail, I've sent out 237 copies. This makes me think that there are quite a number of printers giving serious thought to a better way of making decisions for their business. There's really a concerned minority who are thinking about liquidity, productivity and tomorrow. Several have requested that I spell out, in some detail, what I'd consider an ideal set of reports as a basis for decisions.

First, let's be clear about the main contention. We must have weekly reporting. Ideally, 13 weeks (a quarter of a year) should be reported in a rolling fashion. Each week, add the latest week and drop the oldest. Show the average week. Project that average by multiplying by 4 to equal a year. This is saying that if we continued on as we've been doing for the latest quarter, this is where we'd wind up for a year.

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