EMA Releases Report on Mailing Industry Jobs

ALEXANDRIA, VA—April 11, 2011—For a number of years, employment and economic activity related to the “mailing/postal supply chain” has been provided by studies organized and funded by the Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation (EMA Foundation). They have been universally accepted as the definitive statistics related to overall employment. As such, they are extremely valuable as the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA) works with the Postal Rate Commission and members of Congress.

The EMA Foundation has just released an updated version of the report (available upon request). Essentially, it indicates that the mailing industry generated $1.139 trillion in economic activity in 2009, and that the total number of related jobs was 8,661,394. Stated differently, the mailing industry represents over 7 percent of the nation’s GDP and 6 percent of the nation’s jobs. Additionally, the attached report contains important and useful charts that breakdown jobs and economic activity by state and Congressional district.

MFSA’s President and CEO Ken Garner said, “Of course, we are talking about the complete supply chain related to the mailing industry, not just what MFSA member companies are responsible for. But, indeedm we are a formidable industry nonetheless. All MFSA members (and staff) should be familiar with these statistics as they illustrate the size and importance (of the industry) to both local and national economies.”

About the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association
MFSA is the national trade association for the mailing and fulfillment services industry. For more than 90 years MFSA has been working to improve the business environment for mailing and fulfillment companies and to provide learning and professional development of the managers of these companies.

The association is comprised of more than 500 companies, most of which are located in the USA and Canada. Regular members are in the mailing services, product fulfillment, or literature fulfillment business. Associate members are the suppliers to the mailing and fulfillment services business. These suppliers are providing mailing and fulfillment companies with hardware, software, mailing lists, transportation services, and supplies—the full range of products and services needed by professional high-volume mailers and shippers.