Stolen Air Conditioners Leave Printer in a Sweat

LEXINGTON, KY—Not-too-cool, in more ways than one, is the key phrase for a printer here after a pair of commercial-size air conditioners were pilfered by thieves. WKYT-TV reported that the AC units at Del-Ray Printing were swiped by a pair of thieves in a Chevy pickup truck. Replacing the air conditioners could cost as much as $12,000.

Lines to the air conditioner units were cut by the thieves and loaded into the truck. A neighbor who witnessed the theft said the crime was committed in a matter of minutes, WKYT reported.

  • Doris

    I have one to add to this story …2 years ago They stole our units from the roof we repaced them and a week later they stole them again. It did cost us over $26,000