Reindl Bindery Adds PUR Capabilities with New Kolbus Perfect Binder

GERMANTOWN, WI—Sept. 21, 2011—Reindl Bindery recently purchased a Kolbus KM600 Perfect Binder and will now be offering PUR adhesive options. This new machine possesses features that contribute to outstanding product quality that includes an angled lift feed, rugged clamping system, and swivel-mounted milling unit. This binder runs at a capacity of 9,000 cycles per hour.

“We are very excited about our new Kolbus perfect binder,” said David Reindl, president. “It is one of the most technologically advanced pieces of bindery equipment available today. High speeds, advanced optics, and the newest computerized controls will give us an edge over all of our competitors.

“The addition of this machine will allow us to not only offer PUR adhesive as our spine glue, but as our side glue as well. PUR side glue is becoming very popular in Europe. We are the first company in the United States to offer this to our customers. These are very exciting times at Reindl Bindery,” Reindl added.

About Reindl Bindery
Reindl Bindery Co. is a trade bindery of 33 years with 54 employees located in Germantown, WI.

Source: Reindl Bindery.

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