Binding & Finishing: A Vote for Diversified Attack

With offset presses becoming scarce on the show floor and digital vendors pushing for higher volume and larger B2-format machines, digital presses are becoming the "big iron" components of the GRAPH EXPO show. Almost without exception, digital press vendors highlighted their workflow and digital front end (DFE) capabilities.

In order to start the cutting program automatically, the machine is furnished with a barcode reader, enabling near-zero setup times. Process visualization gives the operator a graphic indication of the material handling, minimizing errors. Compucut takes the cutting data supplied as PPF or JDF files direct from prepress and generates the cutting program automatically. Repeat sequences can be saved and adapted at any time, with nearly 2,000 memory positions.

Among the products on display at the Duplo USA booth was the UD-300 on-demand cutting system. At 3,000 sheets/hr., the UD-300 is ideally suited for folding cartons, label applications, doorknob hangers, favor boxes and tags, among other products.

Handling Digital Output, New Substrates

According to Si Nguyen, national business development director at Duplo, the challenge for finishing providers is maintaining pace with the digital printing aspect of workflow. “Print engines are printing substrates that we haven’t printed before. We’re just trying to catch up with our offerings,” he says.

Spiral/James Burn garnered plenty of attention with its Snakeskin Wire-O, which is packaged in a flexible plastic skin that prevents the wire from tangling. Packaged in a box—minus the spool core—it provides up to three times as many loops while eliminating the recycling of spools. Also being touted was the single-sided laminator line produced by Czech Republic-based Foliant, including the new Gemini C400A. Spiral/James Burn is the exclusive North American distributor for the laminators.

Matt Roth, vice president of Spiral/James Burn, notes his company invested in its largest-ever booth at Graph Expo to help kick off the Foliant launch in the United States. “We’ve seen things start to pick up in the industry, so our expectations are higher than they’ve been in the last couple of years,” he says.

Sensitive to the needs of its client base during the extended period of economic doldrums, Muller Martini used Graph Expo as a platform to further promote its MMServices. One of the main offerings under this umbrella is MMUptodate, which provides machine updates that enable older equipment to run efficiently while maintaining optimal performance levels. Through technology and automation, Muller Martini can optimize the availability and processing reliability of existing gear while lowering maintenance costs.

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